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dont do drugs!!!!!

This has been an awareness, kids.

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r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a replied to your post:ooc; Rosa. I was inspired.

Raven…Wth is that!?! omFG!

that’s what mayuri would look like if we all were on LSD

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ooc; Rosa. I was inspired.

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[  ]:


“Didn’t Grimmjow cero

you into oblivion?"

Her rude inquiry was accompanied by an unconcerned, gloved hand absent-mindedly scratching the upper crest of her ear.


              ; The question did not hesitate to irritate him. Really, is this how every conversation was going to start off as ? Questioning the fact that he’s here and in one piece ? Luppi rolled his eyes, a look was given. He didn’t want to answer this.. There really was no desire.

                               ❝     Weeell, you tell me.     ❞

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Annoyance ! ]:

lxppi has approached you

Well, look at that.


"Perfect timin'. Really, I could applaud ya for it." Genuine as it comes, truly. No other toy came close to providing the joy that he received from his temporary placeholder. Luppi Antenor, a crowd favorite, belonging to the greedy King alone. Anyone that dares to lay a hand on what he’s claimed is merely asking for their own death. The former Sexta is his to mess with, to break and to make bleed, to tear apart and torment as he pleases. "C'mere, entertain me for a bit. Y'know how b o r e d I get."


              ; That voice. It should strike fear, cause an instant feeling of unease. However, it didn’t. Call the former Espada foolish for not feeling such, there was only the feeling of irritation—- displeasure. All this talk of entertainment was merely an annoyance, Luppi was not ignorant, he knew all too well what fate awaited him, especially if he were to step any closer. There was a roll of his head, his eyes doing the same, the smaller arrancar sighed, 


                               ❝     How unfortunate, nothing irritates me more than the
                                                             sound of your voice—-  

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"March Of The Dead" | Gothminister

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O N L I N E;


I’m here. And I demand people rp with me BI

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  "✿ tOUCHES"

Send me a ✿ if you want to plot: 

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  "✿ Whispers always ' u '"

Send me a ✿ if you want to plot: 

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